Takaful is a Shariah Compliant System for future financial security & planning, wherein all participants contribute the funds in a pool and share the risks according to rules of mutual understanding, cooperation and contribution. In this system, as per common rules of mutual understanding, cooperation & trust; all participants are safeguarded against the financial risks.

Takaful companies invest funds in Property, Islamic Banks,
Shariah Compliant Stocks and other Shariah approved

Aggressive Takaful Fund:

The Aggressive Takaful Fund focuses on aggressive growth of your cash value. The fund aims at maximizing returns for the Participants by investment in a diverse portfolio of Shariah Compliant Equity Instruments.

Balanced Takaful Fund: 

The Balanced Takaful Fund focuses on providing steady returns on investments with a balanced portfolio of wide range of Shariah Compliant Equity & Fixed Income Instruments.


Fund Management

Our funds are managed by expert investment managers and are backed by securities with a view to optimize medium to long term returns balanced with risk. The contributions paid are invested in shariah compliant funds and units are allocated depending on the price of units for the fund(s). The value of your membership is the total value of units that you hold in the fund(s).


Flexibility to Choose Your Investment Strategy

We offer you the flexibility to manage your investments. You can either allocate the entire contribution into one of the funds or split your contribution between multiple funds that are available. Subsequently, depending on the performance of funds, you can switch between funds.