Secure Sarmaya Takaful Plan

Saving lump sum amounts can serve your short and longer term financial requirements. It helps you in fulfilling any possible future needs. Believing in the fact that your money can work for you, Jubilee Life – Window Takaful Operations have designed for you – a Shariah compliant savings plan with the flexibility to choose from wide range of Shariah compliant investment funds.
Secure Sarmaya Takaful Plan not only offers you Shariah Compliant investment options but also provides you with a substantial Takaful protection.

To fulfil a dream, one needs to rely on a loyal partner. Wafa Education Takaful Plan is one such pillar to rely on! With its powerful features, it gives you freedom to manage your dreams your way.

  • Secure Sarmaya Takaful Plan

    Secure Sarmaya Takaful Plan is an innovative product that provides you an opportunity of making investment in Shariah Compliant Fund(s) managed by Jubilee Life Window Takaful Operator whilst simultaneously enjoying the benefits of Takaful coverage . Since this is a whole life plan with no pre-defined term, you can continue to reap the benefits of the plan as long as you wish.

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