Eight Pay Takaful Savings Plan

One such change that every individual goes through during this progression of life – is the change in their needs. As the journey goes on, your needs from protection and savings gradually convert in to need for savings and accumulation – where by you aspire to ensure that your achievements and success increase and multiply with time.
Keeping your aspirations and needs in mind, JLI Window Takaful Operations brings for you Savings PLUS Takaful Plan” – an exclusively designed Family Takaful Savings Plan that is tailor made for the true Leaders – like YOURSELF!

  • Eight Pay Takaful Savings Plan

    You may have some imperative plans for nearest goals of your loved ones or for yourself. It makes perfect sense to prepare well in advance with saving plan combined with Family Takaful cover. Eight Pay Takaful Savings Plan allows you to make contributions into your Takaful plan for eight years and enjoy the savings and protection benefit of the plan for the longer term.

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