Soneri Bank

Soneri Bank  with 117 branches across the country Soneri Bank, with the collaboration of Jubilee Life – Window Takaful Operations brings exclusively designed family takaful products that cater to the protection, saving and investment needs of Soneri Bank customers.

  • Jubilee Pearl Takaful Plan

    In order to keep your family safe, you need to have enough financial stability to shield them from any unforeseen event that could get in their way of achieving their dreams. For this, you need to have ample amount of funds that can only be accumulated through careful planning and consideration of various investment opportunities. Jubilee Life – Window Takaful Operations in partnership with Soneri Bank Limited presents Jubilee Pearl Takaful Plan, a shariah compliant plan, especially designed for individuals who want to protect their loved ones and lead a carefree life.

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  • Jubilee Roshan AghaAz Plan

    It is a dream of every parent to see their children grow up and settle in to their life filled with success, comfort and prosperity. It is these goals that we as parents desire for our children and we ensure that we provide them with the best of everything – whether it is a comfortable home, good school, nice clothes, best education or security and protection. And with these goals in sight parents willingly cover mile after mile with a smile on their faces.

    To fulfil a dream, one needs to rely on a loyal partner. A partner like Soneri Bank, who in collaboration with Jubilee Family Takaful, a Window Takaful Operation of Jubilee Life Insurance Company Limited, brings for its customers an exclusive Takaful plan; Jubilee Roshan Aghaaz Plan. With its powerful features, it gives you freedom to manage your dreams your way.

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  • Jubilee Sunehra Saver Plan

    Careful planning is always beneficial for a sound future. With wise decisions taken at the right time, you can reap the benefits later ensuring stability in your future endeavours. Jubilee Sunehra Saver Plan lets you save money in the different stages of your career, which helps augment your funds later when your expenses exceed your income, letting you enjoy life with little worries.

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