MCB Bank Limited

MCB BANK LTD. is one of the leading banks of Pakistan with a customer base of over 4 million and a nationwide distribution network of over 1,400 branches. With its extensive network and an emerging suite of Takaful products, MCB Bank Ltd. in partnership with Jubilee Life – WTO provides Takaful solutions to MCB customers, making their ‘Har Pal Mehfooz’.

  • Jubilee Jazaa Takaful Plan

    Your saving is a major priority when you are the only breadwinner of your family. The only way to secure your family’s future is to ensure that you have built a strong financial foundation for them to fall back on in case of any unforeseen event. Keeping this in view, Jubilee Life Insurance Company – Window Takaful Operation brings to you ‘Jubilee Jazaa Takaful Plan’ that provides you optimal return on your hard-earned money and a takaful protection cover so that your family’s future remain secure.

    For details, you may visit your nearest MCB Branch or log on to