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Jubilee Life–Window Takaful Operations with the collaboration of Dubai Islamic Bank, DIB across the country brings exclusively designed family takaful products that cater to the protection, saving and investment needs of Dubai Islamic Bank customers.
Dubai Islamic Bank has a unique distinction of being the world first Islamic bank, a pioneering institution that has combined the best of traditional Islamic values with the technology and innovation that characterize the best of modern banking.

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    Aalishaan Sehat Takaful Plan

    Aalishaan- The name say it all. Grand and Magnficiant is the new Takaful plan from Jubilee Life Insurance- Window Takaful Operations in partnership with Dubai Islamic Bank Limited. A plan which helps you achieve your goals, be it savings or protection in the greatest way possible. A plan which helps you achieve your dreams like no other Takaful plan can.
    The high point of Aalishaan Sehat Takaful Plan is its high first year allocation that accelerates your investment so that you reach your targeted savings much quicker than any other comparable plan in the market. Designed something for high achievers who demand something extra from life, Aalishaan Sehat Takaful Plan offers protection and extra savings to match your lifestyle. A high growth plan with desired protection for your loved ones when they need it the most. So, if you are looking for a Family Takaful Plan structured to give you smart returns along with a safety net in a Shariah Compliant manner- Aalishaan Sehat Takaful Plan is a perfect choice.

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  • Bharosa Takaful Plan

    Bharosa Takaful Plan, your financial planning goals are reached with Shariah principles! At Jubilee Family Takaful, a Window Takaful Operation of Jubilee Life Insurance Company, we continue to strive to bring you the most recent innovations in the world of Takaful and investment. With Bharosa Takaful Plan, we give you the opportunity to select the most appropriate combination of your Takaful and investment requirements. If you are looking for a family Takaful plan structured to give you smart returns along with a safety net in a Shariah Complaint manner, Jubilee Life’s Bharosa Takaful Plan is the most exquisite choice.
    Bharosa Takaful Plan empowers you to select the best for yourself and your family Select from a range of Shariah Compliant investment strategies that not only provides peace of mind, but also match your financial objectives. Your contributions are invested in your choice of Investment strategies from day ONE. This means that your cash value starts to build from your very first contribution. If you have a specific need for cash in the future, Bharosa Takaful Plan can be targeted towards meeting that need. The added advantage of our Bharosa Takaful Plan is that it protects your family financially against unforeseen circumstances as well!

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  • Aalishan Plus Takaful Plan

    Aalishan Plus Takaful Plan is designed for catering the needs of high net worth individuals. It allows you to accumulate your savings with higher allocations along with financial protection in order to cope up with any financial uncertainty that arises in case of one’s untimely death.
    One such change that every individual goes through during this progression of life – is the change in their needs. As the journey goes on, your needs from protection and savings gradually convert in to need for savings and accumulation – where by you aspire to ensure that your achievements and success increase and multiply with time.
    Keeping your aspirations and needs in mind, JLI Window Takaful Operations brings for you Aalishan Plus Takaful Plan” – an exclusively designed Family Takaful Savings Plan that is tailor made for the true Leaders – like YOURSELF!

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